Friends I have decided to continue with my BLOG after long time…so I may not be in my original form but I will try give my 100% while expressing my thoughts…

Now a days I am on big vacation so I had lots of time which does not pass so I watch TV, download various movies from Net, surf  on various social networking sites etc.  Yesterday I was surfing through channels to get good movie to watch , on one channel one SRK’s old movie named “Dil toh Pagal hai” was going on so I decided to watch that movie…  In that movie SRK tells his friend “Someone somewhere is made for you”  and SRK calls his dream girl as Maya whose character played By Madhuri Dixit….suddenly I remembered one incident happened to me while going to office

That time I joined Shared Sourcing Services Project(SSS) and I had been asked to do night shift …Since no pickup or drop was available for night shift so I used to take BEST 700 from Nitin Company stop or ST from stop next to my house. That day I waited for ST for about 15-20 minutes but ST didnt come so I took Rikshaw and went to Nitin company stop.After waiting for about 5-10 minutes, one crowded 700 came and after lots of efforts and lots of Dhakka Bukki [:)], I got place to sit on last seat in window [:)]…After 2-3 stops, one girl entered wearing Yellow + Green color Punjabi dress…Man sitting next to me got up to step down of bus and to my surprise that girl came and sat next to me…She was looking extremely beautiful as if angel came from heaven and as if my dream girl Maya came in existence….We were sitting side by side but did not speak for around 10 minutes but suddenly girl asked me “Mujhe National Park ke stop pe utarana hai..kya apmujhe batayenge jab mera stop ayega toh” and I answered ” Yeah sure …I am also getting down at the same stop so dont worry”…That girl gave pleasant smile….

After some time rush increased in the bus and because of that one more Person came and sat next to her on last seat…by her gestures she did not like that man and shifted close to very close to my side (Its obvious because I look Sharif and innocent from my face and I was wearing Formals [:D] and by her move, I was some what happy)But when I found that she was feeling awkward because of the other man sitting next to her so I immediately asked her “Whether you wanted to interchange out seats so that you would not feel awkward…she said “Its ok” and shifter little bit close to my side… I was feeling like this journey should never end but after 50 minutes our stop came unfortunately [:(] so I told that girl “Our stop is about to come so lets move towards door so that it would not a problem while getting out”..She nodded and we both got up and moved towards the door…One Bhaiya was occupying the door way and not allowing that girl to move ahead….I was right behind her so I shouted at that Bhaiya”Bhaiyaji apko utarana nahi hai toh baju ho jao ..ladki ko age jane do” and she seemed to be really happy with me by that act.

We got down at our stop..my office was on the other side so I had to cross the road. I had to go to office by 7 pm but on that day due to some other reasons I was late so I was in hurry but before crossing the road I just looked at that girl and what a pleasant surprise she was also looking at me and waved her hand saying Tata and said Thanks for your help…..I also said Bye and immediately rushed towards office.

I do not know the name of that girl, Dont know where she lives in Thane, where she was going also I dont have any contact of that girl but one thing for sure she was looking really beautiful and looking like Maya( My dream girl… just calling it as Maya since Dil toh Pagal Hai uses same word)

Possibility of  getting a seat in ST next whose stop was next to my House was greater than BEST but still From next day onwards, I used to go to Nitin Company to catch BEST and I didnt care even if I do not get seat and I was eagerly waiting for her to come in my bus….I used to go to my office my at around 7.15-7.20 for next week and used to tell my Module leader traffice me tha..aj bahut traffic tha etc but reality was I was catching the same bus in which she came and made my day…

Unfortunately she never turned up for next 10 days and I started going to office on normal timings [:D]

Now a days, I may not be able to identify herself if she turns up some day but one thing for sure she made my day..I still kept the ticket of that journey as a memory ….

I just woke up from my sleep and Dil toh Pagal hai was about to end but wont be able to forget that real incidence happened to me [;)] [;)] [:)][:)]


A Story about one guy

Actually that day i was not at all in good mood but still now days i am in office and not in college and i can not bunk the office the way i used to bunk my college so i went to office
When i entered the office i did not talk to any body and i  just banged my bag on my desk with anger and not in mood to talk to anybody. I just checked mails that came on my mail id and some official mails and after that i went to washroom to become fresh.
After some time one cleaner entered with his equipments in his hand like Vim Bar, Collin and one cotton to clean washbasin. I was not in mood to go to my desk so i was just hanging in there so watching his work while i was making my hairstyle.
He was the happiest man on the earth . He was so happy while he  was cleaning the basin carefully and he was murmuring one Marathi song and enjoying whatever he was doing. I don’t think so his salary is great as compared to people like us but still he believed in his work so salary is one of the factor which amazes us to do work but that is not the case with that guy
His job is just to clean washroom or sometimes our desks but usne apne kam ko hi bhagwan manake uski acchi tarah se seva kar raha tha and one more thing he was happy whatever thing he was doing .I am not saying work that he do in office is of low grade but still he set one good example in front of me.
I was in washroom for more than 5 minutes and i was checking my hairstyle, cleaning my shoes, polishing it etc.
SRK said in CHAK DE INDIA woh 70 minutes apke zindagi badal sakate hai i will just modify it little bit i will just say those 5-10 minutes inspired me and i was happy again
So whenever i see him in the office i get inspiration . Money is not the only factor for happiness.If money is the only cause of happiness then only rich people on the earth would have become happiest but that is not the case so understood one thing
life is small , nobody bothers about your life so you just have to enjoy the every moment which comes in our life and  try to gain fun from small small incidences which happen in your life. Dont think about past don’t dream about future just live the present  because if you loose this time that wont come back in your life so Enjoy life with fullest strength


Dont think that i got any KT during my any of the engineering semister. Normally full form of ATKT is allowed to keep term and i am using in different way its so flexible 🙂
I will tell you full form in the end.
I got 91.33 % in PCM (12th) and i filled form form for engineering.and started doing tp.And finally day arrived for allotment of colleges.
I still remember i was sleeping and my friend called me in the morning at around 7.30 and told me that in CAP round , i got Somaiya Sion IT branch and i asked him about his college and that guy told me that he got SP ( Sardar Patel college) mechanical. I was so much disturbed since i got somaiya sion which is new college and i heard nobody comes for placement so i was nervous.But i had no other option so i went to somaiya sion and took admission for IT branch.
So finally first day in my college arrived and i was not happy about college and environment next to it.
On the first day my friend told me before completing engg we would suffer from silicosis or other diseases which spread if industries are near by.
SO on 2nd second day onwards teachers started coming and started dictating syllabus.
In 1st sem we had applied maths, mechanics , C , applied science which contain physics and chemistry and BEEE ( Basic of electrical and electronics enginnering )so 6 teachers came and  gave syllabus for subjects and gave weightage of each topic and how each chapter is important and told us to study each topic from the starting etc etc I created 5 notebooks for 5 subjects and divided applied science notebook into 2 which contain physics and chemistry. 🙂 🙂
I started going to college daily and one day on thane station one of my friend Alhad told me that in Somaiya Vidyavihar list was displayed for students whose name was there in  waiting list. I went home and immediately went to Somaiya Vidyavihar  and fortunately my name was on the list and i got admission into Somaiya Vidyavihar Computer branch. I was like i reached in heaven.
Somaiya Vidyavihar is too good college which has huge campus as well as 3 canteens also 1 cafeteria and everywhere good babes 🙂 🙂 🙂
College administrative people told the students whose name was there in waiting list to attend the college and pay the fee when our name will get confirmed and started going to Vidyavihaar college.That time some dispute was going on regarding fee structure and somaiya vidyavihas tops that list 😦 😦 ( i.e highest fee taker) 
So finally Vidyavihar college started and there also teachers came and gave syllabus. I created 5 different notebooks so i again wrote syllabus in each notebook just for tp and everybody was also writing the syllabus 😦 😦
One day one admin guy came and told all the students whose name was there on waiting list should stop coming to college untill their name will come on confirmed list.
I was very much disappointed and i sat at home for 4-5 days. Again one day i went Vivekanand college for tp with my dad and students who got less marks than me got admission into Vivekanand. I did not do any follow up because still i remember my number was 1399 so it was almost impoosible for me to get admission into Vivekanand and that time i was shocked and met Saxena madam regarding admission and madam told me to give letter and she also mentioned your chances of getting admission into IT branch would be 0.000000000000000001 % and you will easily get admission into Instrumentation branch but still i gave letter to Saxena and within 2 days my name came in the list of students who were selected for IT branch.
I was like i am the happiest man on the earth since my cousin Pushkarwas there in Vivekanand for diploma and he told me that Vivekanand is best college in mumbai.
So i cancelled my admission from SOmaiya SIon and took admission in VIvekanad It branch. Like me many students got admission and new class was formed of new students
So one first day teacher again came and gave syllabus of each and every subject and while dictating
i was like are kitne baar me yeh syllabus likhu and i was behaving like i had mastery in syllabus and i was ready to teach anybody only syllabus and i did not know what things were in each topic but i knew each and every topic since i wrote that 2 times before and again one more time in Vivekanand 
soI was ready for ATKT i.e allowed to (have) knowledge transfer for syllabus to students of my age and i had Phd in Syllabus
so any engineering students facing any difficulty in syllabus should come to me and i will be the one of teachers who can solve their difficulties but i will be able to solve only difficulties regarding syllabus only. So without any drop or KT but just by changing and wasting little bit of money in only one college i mastered Syllabus of first sem
Soin case of syllabus queries please contact Mr. Omkar 😀 😀 🙂 🙂

Actually I was under impression that gals normally dont say sorry even they commit mistake.Noramlly all gals behave this way but one gal made me to change my opinion
Story goes like this 🙂
While travelling from TCS bus i have many friends and with them i do lots of kida-kandi ( TP ) That day we were 4 including me and in mood of teasing the gal with us.Actually i started like this way”In the afternoon when i pinged you ,you just answered my question and closed my window” and on that topic we all three frnds irriated her for 15 minutes so she said ” i did sin and why u r irriatating me “. Other two frnds came to conclusion that i irriatated her and we were just doing tp .FInally i said ” u said i irritate u so here after i wont ping u on same time as well as i will block u on same time so that it wont be possible to chat also this is the end of our frndship.
I just said all those things for the sake of fun and i did not know that she will take all those things seriously.
Normally we 4 people travel together in the journey from Thane to Borivali (12.30 pm to 1.30 pm) and from Borivali to thane( 10.45 pm to 11.30 pm).
Next day i had some work so i catched 10.30 am bus to go to office and my other two friends irriatated her in 12.30 ka bus ” Look because of you he stopped coming to bus and u hurted him etc etc” So she called me and that time i was in meeting so i cut the phone so she again called me i did the same thing. After 5 minutes she sent SMS to me saying ” I am really very sorry if i hurt u. I dont think our frndship is so weakSorry again”
That time i also felt bad so when she called i said Dont take these things seriously and i am not angry with u but i cut the phone because i thought you called me to ask are you late to bus and should i stop the bus .So instead of wasting your money i cut the phone.
That day gal came to my desk just to say sorry and said i am really sorry please forgive me etc
Hats off to you my friend and thanks for everything
Next day we 3 again decided to sit quietly in the bus and we did not speak with each other so she said ” ALI MILI GUP CHILI KA SAGLE ( why all of u are so quet ? 😦 ) and we burst into laughter
So that day i changed my opinion about gals that all gals are not like that

Some people will think that what is this?
Is ST is short form form of my girl friend’s name? Or they can make any wild guesses like State Transport (ST) !!!!!!! These guys are partially right. Somehow mi S,T ya alphabets shi always connect zalelo ahe agdi asa ki purvi ekhada postat lagla ki retire hoe paryant postat ch asaycha ani tyachya porana chidvayche Postyacha ka re tu agdiiiii tasa!!! 🙂 🙂
Let me start from the beginning 😀 😀
I stay in Maharashtra in which S and T ahe ch
One funny thing about Maharashtra, whenever i asked i always got confused about spelling and tyaveli mi asa vichar karta kash me GOA me rehta tha 😀 😀
Lahanpani kuthe jayche asel ki Kabhi Train Kabhi ST (State Transport)
Btw nice name na for Karan Johar’s next movie in which SRK is starring and that film will be shooted in One of villege in U.S 🙂 🙂 😀 😀
College la hoto Te pan VESIT tyachyat pan ale alech ki ST
College la jaychya veli train pakadaycho ti pan CST again ST
Nowdays i joined TCS in that also ST :O
I joined as ASE- Trainee (ASE-T) again ST
ohhh my godddddddddddddddddd
In tcs there is one chatting software( 😀 ) called as Same Time pronounce as ST 😦 also in office i work on SIT (Special info Table) 😦 😦 😦
Are yaar in My life there is only ST nothing else 😦 😦
ha ha
i was thinking about this STuff ohhh no again ST while going from Borivali to Thane by ST (State Transport) that time there was one funny incidance Mi tya conductor chi khechnyachya mood madhe hoto
Conductor: Hmmm bola
Me: Hmmmm….
Conductor: Bola na?
Me: Bollo na Hmmm
Conductor: Chaila he karte ucchyad mandtay? Kuthe Jaychay Guman pane bola
Me: mag ase bola na!!! Adhi tumhi bollat HMMM bola…. mhanun i said HMMMM
ani vaarti malach oradata!!!!!!! Chor to Chor var Shirjor
and finally i told him i want ticket for thane
Ticket cost was 19 rupees and i had to give him 19 rs change after what things happened earlier that is why he was not giving me 1 rupees change when i gave him 20 rs
Uptill now These are the ST things in my life i dont know how many of them i forgot but i am damn sure there are many more things which i must have forgotten
P.S—- Ohhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooooooo
I wont reveal but My PL’s name is also ST 😦 😦
2)Also i have habit of saying Thanks Frequently if u say that repeatedly ThankSThankSThankSThankS
SO people will you help me to find out more things with ST Please????

FInally i decided to enter into BLOG’s world by adding my Bakwas Likhan from Omkar Godbole( BLOG ).
Mi kahi etka far motha manus nahiye ki mi kahi lihile ki lagech BLOG vishwat khalbal machel like recently Amir Khan chya BLOG mule zali hoti tashi . Taripan mi  rather PU. LA ni lihilele ek vakya ethe bolaves vatate ki ” RAJHANSANCHE CHALNE JAGI ZALIYA SHAHANE MHANUN KAI ETARANI CHALUCH NAYE KI KAI ” ” JAGAT ASTIL FAR MOTHE BLOG LIHINARE MHANUN MAZYA SARKHYA OMKAR GODBOLE nav asnarya mulane BLOG lihuch naye ki kaiiiiiii? ”

So in this Blog i will be writing about my one of the best saturday in my life
Last night Rohan navachya mazya eka mitra barobar TCS la jayche tharle hote.Some people may think that saturday la ani office la . Ha mulga tar IT Industry madhla veda distoy tase kahi nahiye mi ani to TT(table tennis ) khelayala gelo hoto. Tase baghayla gelo tar doghanchi TT chi practise geli hoti.Few months back we were champions and ajun thodi practise keli asti tar TCS chya team madhun select zalo asto 😀 😀                                                                                              
agdi ase    
 ”  Select Rohan,Omkar from TCS where TT champs like ‘%Rohan%’ or ‘%Omkar%’ ”               

So coming onto point we played TT for 45 minutes and i wone 4 matches out of 7. After that we decided to do photosession which is banned but still amhi tharvale kahihi hovude aj every kana kopryat foto session zalech pahije. Ani amachi ek khasiyat ahe Changli jaga disli ki photosession zalech pahije 🙂 e.g amhi bhubaneshwar la chilka lake la jatana pan vatet 4-5 changlya jaga dislya tikde sudddha amhi saglya D20 ne foto session kele hote 😀 😀 So har kanakopryat foto session suru zale.Aggi garden pasun , bulding chya glass madhun disnarya reflections paryant tasch gym pasun terrace var suddha ani waterfall asun agdi lokanchya bike var basun suddha 😀 😀

Te kare paryant vajle hote almost 12.30 . Mag Rohan bolla mala sleeve-less shirt ghyayche ahet. Ektar ha Rohan etka barik tyat parat sleeve-less shirt ghalnar mhanaje :O Tari amhi Big Bazaar madhe jaun ugach hyala pakav tyala pakav hya dartivar 1 hour kadhla 🙂 Ugach DVD rent denatya lokan kadun mahiti vicharun ghetleli pamplets baher yevun fekun dili. Mag McD madhe fakt mi Burger ani tyane coke pyayche tharvale pan tikde ekdum changli offer milali (kharetar ugach waste of money zale ugach bhook nastana khalle) mhanun amhi 2 burger, 2 coke , 2 french fries ani ya var milalele 2 free ice creams khalli. Mag gharche banavalele jevan urale mhanun gharchyancha thoda orada khalla pan to eka kanane aikun dusrya kanane sodun denya etpat mi shahana zalo ahe 😀 

Evening la orkut tarphe Kobra Meet tharli hoti so tyatlya kahi jananshi KCBC Cafe tarphe bolne zale hote ani kahi jananchi tar nave pan aikli navati so jeva tikde pochlo tar sagli navin mandali hoti mag halu halu olkhichi mandali yevu lagli sagle hoe paryant vajle 8 .Tar mag ata jevnache kai karayche asa vichar chalu astana kahi lok eka hotel madhe ghusli. GHUSLI mhanaje agdi yogya tharel because konashi vichar masalat na karta agdi jashya mungya ekmekana follow kartat tase 😀
Title ase dilyache karan ki TCS,Mcd ani Meet chi jaga far dur dur hoti so almost 12 hours madhe mi thane khup firlo. Mag olakhi palakhi zalya ek mekanchya mag kai khave ya vishayvar kai khayche ya vishayavar (SAPAT TEA SPONSERED[ asa purvi DD var program yaycha SAPAT TEA SPONSERED MAHACHURCHA} ) Mahachurcha suru zali shevati ekane (nav athvat nahiye konitari motha bolun pan gela ahe na NAVAT kai ahe jaude tya mothya manasache nav pan nahi athvat ahe 😀 :D) schezwaan rice and  noodles ani ajun ek dish order keli shevti navat kai ahe potat jaun tar sagle ekatra ch honar ya dhartivar ani UDARBHARAN NOHE ya style ni je samor ale tyacha fadsa padla. Tya nantar Suvee tai cha bday hota so Pooja (bai) and ajun ek meet cha arranger Prasanna ( who calls me ZInta ) yani cake anun agdi ayatya kshani Suvvee la surprise devun cake kapala .Far chhan maja ali.Mag halu halu last foto session karayla ghetle to var Prasanna chi battery sampli so halu halu saglyana bye bye bolun arshyahun adhik chehryanchi navik lakshat nastana ugach khote khote hasun “KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA ” ” HAMESHA MILTE REHNA ” ” KEEP IN TOUCH ”  ase vaade karun ghari jayla nighalo. Mi sakali baher padlelo te ratri ghari alo mala sanga ” SUBAH KA BHULA SHAAM KO GHAR AYE TOH USE BHULA NAHI KEHTE LEKIN AGAR WOH RAAT KO AYE TOH USSE KYA KEHTE HAI 😀 😀 :D”

Ashya tarhene divasbharat khup tawalkya kelya ani khup mitrana pan bhetlo . In genral mi etki maja keli ki i cant express in words